How Has Dating Changed Over Time?

Thanks to technological advancement in the dating game, finding a partner has never been easier and quicker.

The process of falling in love and finding the one person to spend the rest of your life with all desires that have been around since that start of time.

Even the bible quotes  “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”


So you need bae!

The concept of finding love has always been in existence right from the time of Adam and Eve, to Hollywood Rom Coms – however, the question of change lies with how humans seek out to find that all-important “one.” How has finding a partner changed?

The dating game has learnt to evolve and adapt with the times it found itself in. The way couples courted in the 90s differ from how it was done in the 70s and so on.

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Modern-day dating compared to the past, has had to keep up with evolving social trends and new technologies that have created a constant new era of dating and relationship-building.

While some people look back fondly on dating, generations ago, where romantic ideas were based on greater morality and better values. Others think that with all of the online apps and matchmaking websites we have today, it’s never been easier to play the field.

How Dating Has Changed Over Time

Each era of dating in the past century had its pros, cons, and its own set of unspoken rules. Since the beginning of the 20th century, to the present day, romantic relationships have been an evolving part of culture, just like everything else.

The earliest record of the concept of dating dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Prior to the late early 1900s, courtship was a much more private, unemotional affair.

However, this method of dating began to change in the early years of the 20th century. Couples were allowed to gp out together in public and unsupervised but intent of such interaction remained that of marriage. This is very different from the concept as well as purpose of dating in modern-day society where couples might not bring up the topic of marriage until very much later.

The first decade of the 20th century was marked by the figure of the gentleman caller. If a young man was interested in a young woman, he would visit her at family’s home where hopefully, he’s welcomed into their parlor. If he was allowed to visit her more often, he would be free to come and call upon the young woman during hours specified by her parents.

If you wish to better understand how dating has evolved over the past 50 years, a list of key milestones and transformative moments from the 1970s through today has been curated.

In sum, dating has evolved through time. There’s speed dating where couples wearing name tags date each other for ten minutes. After each date, they’ll decide if they want to see each other again. We also have blind dates where friends, family or co-workers set up a date for two people who don’t know each other.

And now there’s online dating where two people who haven’t met start a relationship over dating apps.

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