Popular men and women accessories you can wear to impress your date

When you want to go on a date, it is often important that you appear in such a way that your date will be impressed with your appearance. Dressing shabbily could easily be a turn off for your partner and it could just be the first step to the destruction of that relationship. Hence, dressing shabbily could come in handy when you do not like your date and you are looking for ways to piss them off and end the relationship. Needless to say, there are much better ways to discharging a date you are not interested in than subjecting yourself to dressing shabbily to send a message.

However, when you are going on a date that is of interest to you and you want to impress, there are accessories that you can use as a man and woman that would impress your dates. Some of the accessories are discussed subsequently.


Shoes are important accessories to wear to date as both a male and a female. Not only are shoes important but the right type must be worn. You should wear a shoe that matches well with your clothing in terms of appearance, colour and style. This makes your dressing to be great enough and would surely impress your date that you know how to match your clothes with your shoes. Hence, it is important for both the male and female to put on the right shoes when they want to impress their date.


The wristwatch is another important accessory that both the male and female can wear. It is important that you also choose a nice wristwatch that is great for the vent and the clothing you are putting on. As a male, you should wear a wristwatch that is designed for male or unisex just as the female should wear a female wristwatch or watch designed for unisex use.


Sunglasses is another accessory that you might want to wear on a date to impress your date. This is more so if the date is on a beach or other outdoor environments in the environment. You can read about sunglasses to know what type will fit your colour and shape of face. However, it would be counter-productive to wear sunglasses to a dinner date or other types of date that is scheduled for after dark.

Neck chains

The neck chain or necklace is another accessory that both the male and female can wear to impress their date. Even though jewellery is more of a women thing, there are nice neck chains that a man can put on. However, not putting on a neck chain as a guy should not take away any point from you. However, it could take some few points away for the lady as necklaces are very important jewellery for women that they love to wear to events that they categorize to be important.


The earring is another jewellery that is mostly for female use even though some men love to wear an earring on a single ear. However, most decent or religious ladies could find a man wearing an earring to be indecent and could start getting detached. This is more so if they have parents they have to present you too who are also religious. They would know that even if they should compromise and accept you, their parents are likely to never accept you. If they are not willing to go against the wish of their parents, they might start avoiding you from that moment. However, every woman should go on a date with a nice pair of earrings except for those whose religion or denomination do not allow the use of earrings and other forms of jewellery.


Bracelets are another jewellery type that a lady might want to wear for a date. This is more so if you are not putting on a wristwatch as you should not allow your wrist to be bare. It would be okay if you choose between a wristwatch and a bracelet as opposed to using the two at the same time.

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